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1د. رانيا السيد عبد الجليلDesert reclamation, a management system for sustainable urban expansion
Author: Rania E.S. Abdel-Galil
Progress in Planning
ISSN: 0305-9006, 
Vol.78, No.4, November 2012, pp. 151–206
Geography, Planning and Development 
1.812JCR - Impact Factor 
2أ.د. محمد عبد الفتاح طعيمةAugmentation of natural convective heat transfer in square cavity by utilizing nanofluids in the presence of magnetic field and uniform heat generation/absorption
Authors: Mohamed A. Teamaha, Wael M. El-Maghlanyb
International Journal of Thermal Sciences
ISSN: 1290-0729, Vol.58, August 2012, pp. 130–142
 Mechanical Engineering 
2.142JCR - Impact Factor 
3د. رانيا متولى عوض الشرقاوى
الطالب/ كريم إبراهيم محمدين أحمد (ماجستير)
Realization of partial discharge signals in transformer oils utilizing advanced computational techniques
Authors: K. Ibrahim, R.M. Sharkawy, M.M.A. Salama and R. Bartnikas
IEEE Transactions On Dielectrics And Electrical Insulation
ISSN: 1070-9878, Vol.19, No.6, pp. 1971–1981
1.094JCR - Impact Factor 
4أ.د. مصطفى حسين على حسين
د. نظمى عزام محمد
المهندس/ عمرو سعد الوكيل
Performance Evaluation of FSO Link Under NRZ-RZ Line Codes,
Different Weather Conditions and Receiver Types in the Presence of Pointing Errors
Nazmi A. Mohammed, Amr S. El-Wakeel and Mostafa H. Aly
Open Electrical and Electronic Engineering Journal
ISSN:18741290, Vol.6, 2012, pp. 28–35
 Electrical and Electronoic Engineering   
Q2 SCImago Journal ranking
5أ.د. مصطفى حسين على حسن
الطالبة/ هدى سمير إبراهيم أبو النصر (دراسات عليا)
Performance Evaluation and Enhancement of 2×2 Ti: LiNbO3 Mach
Zehnder Interferometer Switch at 1.3 μm and 1.55 μm
Nazmi A. Mohammed, Huda S. Abo Elnasr and Moustafa H. Aly an OSA Member
Open Electrical and Electronic Engineering Journal
ISSN:18741290, Vol.6, 2012, pp. 36–49
Q2 SCImago Journal ranking
6د. محمد عبد الظاهر عبد الرسولAn empirical formula to calculate the full energy peak efficiency of scintillation detectors
Authors: Mohamed S. Badawi, Mohamed Abd-Elzaher, Abouzeid A. Thabet, Ahmed M. El-khatib
Applied Radiation and Isotopes
ISSN: 09698043, Vol.74, (April 2013) pp. 46-49    
1.172JCR - Impact Factor 
7أ.د. محمد سعيد أبو النصر 
أ.د. هبة أحمد محمد شعبان
الطالب/ محمد الأبيض (دراسات عليا)
Authors: Mohamad Abou El-Nasr, Heba Shaban and Mohammed Al-Abyad
American Journal of Applied Sciences
ISSN: 15469239(Print) 15543641 (Online), 
Vol.9, No.12, 2012, pp. 2021–2027
Q1SCImago Journal ranking
8د. شريف فاروق بدرانUltimate strength of Y and T stiffeners subjected to lateral loads with three different levels of initial imperfection
Authors: Sherif Farouk Badrana, Amr Bakr Saddekb, Heba Wael Lehetac
Ocean Engineering
ISSN: 0029-8018, Vol.6, 2013,  pp. 12-25
1.178JCR - Impact Factor 
9د. أميرة إبراهيم أحمد زكى
أ.د. إيهاب فاروق بدران
Smart UWB System Based on STC and TR Techniques for BER Performance Enhancement and Interference Rejection
Authors: Amira I. Zaki, Said E. El-Khamy, Ehab F. Badran 
Wireless Personal Communications
ISSN: 0929-6212 (Print) 1572-834X (Online)  December 2012
0.458JCR - Impact Factor 
10د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىMHD free convection flow with fractional heat conduction law
Authors: M. A. Ezzat - A. A. El-Bary
ISSN: 0024-998X,  Vol.48, No.4 (2012)  pp. 587-606 
0.413JCR - Impact Factor 
11د. الفيصل عبد الحميد محمد حسن Magnetogravitodynamic stability of streaming fluid cylinder under the effect of capillary force
Authors: Alfaisal A Hasan,  Rasha A Abdelkhalek
Boundary Value Problems
ISSN: 1687-2770(Online),  Vol.48, 
March 2013
0.91JCR - Impact Factor 
12د. محمد عبد الظاهر عبد الرسول Measurement of indoor radon concentration and assessment of doses in different districts of Alexandria city, Egypt
Author: Mohamed Abd-Elzaher
Environmental Geochemistry and Health
ISSN: 0269-4042 (Print) 1573-2983 (Online), Vol. 35, No. 3, June 2013  pp. 299-309
1.62JCR - Impact Factor 
13د. محمد عصام محمود خضر
المهندس/ ريان ناجى مكى حسن
Opportunistic call admission control for wireless broadband cognitive networks
Authors: Mohamed Essam Khedr, Rayan N. Makki Hassan
Wireless Networks Springer Publisher
ISSN: 1022-0038 (Print) 1572-8196 (Online), Articals not assigned to an issue  2013
0.52JCR - Impact Factor 
14د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىStokes’ first problem for a thermoelectric Newtonian fluid
Authors:  Magdy A. Ezzat, Alla A. El-Bary, Shereen M. Ezzat
ISSN: 0025-6455 (Print) 1572-9648 (Online),  Vol.48, No.5, July 2013, pp. 1161-1175
1.558JCR - Impact Factor 
15د. علاء عبد الواحد حسن عبد البارىFractional Fourier Law with Three-Phase Lag of Thermoelasticity
Authors: Magdy A. Ezzat, Alaa A. El-Bary & Mohsen A. Fayik
Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
ISSN: 1572-6532 (Print) 6494-1537 (Online),  Vol.20, No.8, 2013, pp. 593-602
0.926JCR - Impact Factor 
16د. محمد عبد الظاهر عبد الرسولA comparative study of the indoor radon level with the radon exhalation rate from soil in Alexandria city
Author: Mohamed Abd El-Zaher
Radiation Protection Dosimetry
1742-3406 (Online) 0144-8420 (Print),  Vol.154, No.4, May 2013, pp. 477-482 
0.822JCR - Impact Factor 
17المهندس/ إبراهيم صادق صديقEnvironmental and economical benefits of changing from marine diesel oil to natural-gas fuel for short-voyage high-power passenger ships
Authors: A A Banawan, M M El Gohary, and I S Sadek
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment
ISSN: 1475-0902(Print) - 2041-3084 (Online), Vol. 224, No.2 June 1, 2010,
  pp. 103-113
0.407JCR - Impact Factor 
18د. حسام الدين شوقى محمد حسنLie-group method for solving the problem of fission product behavior in nuclear fuel
Authors: Mina B. Abd-el-Malek, Hossam S. Hassan
Applied Mathematics and Computation
ISSN: 0096-3003, Vol. 219, No.24, 15 August 2013, pp. 11365–1137
0.75JCR - Impact Factor 
19المهندس/ إبراهيم صادق صديقUtilization of alternative marine fuels for gas turbine power plant onboard ships
Authors: Mohamed Morsy Elgohary, Ibrahim Sadek Seddiek
International journal of naval architecture and ocean engineering
ISSN: 2092-6782 (Print) - 2092-6790 (Online), Vol. 5, No.1, (2013) pp. 21-32
0.231JCR - Impact Factor 
20د. حسام الدين شوقى محمد حسنNew solutions for solving problem of particle trajectories in linear deep-water waves via Lie-group method
Authors: Mina B. Abd-el-Malek, Nagwa A. Badran, Hossam S. Hassan, Heba H. Abbas
Applied Mathematics and Computation
ISSN: 0096-3003, Vol. 219, No.24, 15 August 2013, pp. 11365–11375
1.349JCR - Impact Factor 
21د. أمانى محمد حنفى الزنقلىMultistage expansion planning for distribution networks including unit commitment
Authors: Amany Mohamed El-Zonkoly 
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
ISSN: 1350-2360 (Print ) - 1359-7051 (Online) Vol. 7, No. 7, July 2013, pp. 766 – 778
1.197JCR - Impact Factor 
22د. شريف محمد نبيل عز الدينThe potential for office buildings with mixed-mode ventilation and low energy cooling systems in arid climates Original
Authors: Sherif Ezzeldin, Simon J. Rees
Energy and Buildings
ISSN: 0378-7788X,  Vol.65, (October 2013), pp. 368-381
2.679JCR - Impact Factor 
23د. وائل عباس محفوظ محمدEffectiveness of porosity on transient generalized Couette flow with Hall effect and variable properties under exponential decaying pressure gradient
Authors: M. A. M. Abdeen, H. A. Attia, W. Abbas, W. Abd El-Meged
Indian Journal of Physics
ISSN: 0973-1458 (print), 0974-9845 (electronic),  Vol. 87, No. 8, August 2013,  pp. 767-775.
0.381JCR - Impact Factor 
24أ.د. سمير يوسف محمد مرزوقAC-conductivity and dielectric properties of SiO2–Na2O–B2O3–Gd2O3 glasses Original Research Article
Authors: Ragab M. Mahani, Samir Y. Marzouk
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
ISSN:0925-8388X,  Vol.579, 5 December 2013,  pp. 394–400
2.289JCR - Impact Factor 
25د. أحمد قدرى أحمد عبد السلام
د. مصطفى سعد حماد
Modified Indirect Vector Control Technique for Current-Source Induction Motor Drive
Authors: Abdelsalam, A.K. Masoud, M.I. Hamad, M.S. Williams, B.W.
Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on
ISSN: 0093-9994,  Vol.48, No.6, 2012, pp. 2433-2442
1.657JCR - Impact Factor 

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