Educational preparation course for Graduate Teaching Assistants and new lecturers


The course aim

This course aims at educationally preparing calibers from the Academy’s Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and new lecturers. Also, the course is concerned with discussing the principles, skills, strategies and techniques of university teaching and practising how to benefit from them in developing educational practices inside the classroom. This can be achieved through lectures, case studies, educational situations in microteaching and evaluating several skills, thus increasing the impact of the educational process and improving the performance of lecturers.

The educational preparation courses were first initiated in 1999. A course is held each year or according to Alexandria and Cairo branches needs.  Since 1999 till October 2013, the total number of courses is 51 and the total number of trainees is 1041. These courses are taught by professors and experts in education and teaching methods.

Course Topics

1. Introduction to Teaching in the Academy.                                                                      

2.  Credit hours and Academic Advising systems.

3. Elements and Ethics of University Teaching.
4. Scientific Research.

5. Methods and Skills of University Teaching.

6.  Lecture Management Problems.

7. Time Management.

8. Evaluation of University Lecturer’s Performance.

9. Test Types Analysis and Course Aims & Objectives.

10. Microteaching.

Trainees’/ Applicants’ Activities

1.  Preparing a presentation in one of the relevant topics in no more than 10 minutes and presenting it in the practical workshop of the microteaching sessions.

2.  All trainees’ presentations have to be put on a CD and given to the Education Affairs office at the end of the course.

3.  The first page of the course file summary (ISO) of one of the courses that the trainee teaches and its final exam paper have to be brought on the day of the “tests types” session in order to be discussed and analyzed.

4.  Attending all the sessions, performing the duties, participating effectively in all discussions and training are obligatory.

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