Offshore Programs

  • Maritime Safety Institute
Code Title Prequisites
MSIO 001S Helideck Operations Initial Training (HOIT) .
MSIO 002S Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) .
MSIO 003S Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL) .
MSIO 401 Offshore Personal Survival Technique & Search Rescue .
MSIO 402 Offshore Basic Marine Fire Fighting .
MSIO 403 Offshore Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities .
MSIO 406 Offshore Medical First Aid. .
MSIO 501 Offshore Advanced Fire Fighting .
MSIO 502 Offshore Advanced Medical First Aid .
MSIO 503 Offshore Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats. .
MSIO 5095 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) with Emergency Breathing System (EBS)-(OPITO APPROVED) .
MSIO 5195 Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (T-HUET). (OPITO Approved). .
MSIO 5501 Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (T-BOSIET). (OPITO Approved). .
MSIO 5614 Tropical Further Offshore Emergency Training (T-FOET). (OPITO Approved). .
MSIO 5700 Basic Offshore Safety induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) with Emergency Breathing System (EBS). OPITO Approved .
MSIO 5703 Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) with Emergency Breathing System (EBS) Digital Delivery - (OPITO APPROVED) .
MSIO 5858 Further Offshore Emergency Training with Emergency Breathing System (EBS) . ( FOET ). OPITO Approved .
MSIO 601 Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO). .
MSIO 602 Offshore Basic Life Boat Course. COXSWAIN. .
MSIO 603 Offshore Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - Survival System-Canada (HUET). .
MSIO 610 Fire Emergency Response Heli - Deck. .
MSIO 611 Offshore Fire Team Member. .
MSIO 613 Offshore Heli-deck assistant .
MSIO 615 Basic offshore HLO/Assistant & Emergency Helideck Training .
MSIO 616 Offshore Fire Team Leader. .
MSIO 621 Offshore Fast Rescue Boat / Craft. .
MSIO 7025 OIM Controlling Emergencies -(OPITO APPROVED) .
MSIO 709 Helicopter Landing Team Member.
MSIO 7228 Major Emergency Management Initial Response Training -(OPITO APPROVED) .
MSIO 9014 Basic H2S Training (OPITO Approved) .

Program Description

The maritime safety institute offers training and education for personnel working in the offshore industry onboard oil rigs and platforms in accordance with the IMO regulations and OPITO standards.

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