OPITO POLICY The Maritime Safety Institute herein referred to as MSI is fully committed to safely implement and maintain OPITO standards, by providing a safe high level of training, assessment and services in accordance with OPITO Approved Standards to all registered delegates on the following courses:BOSIET, HUET, FOET, TBOSIET, THUET, TFOET, H2S, OIM-CE, MEMIR, DD BOSIET.MSI IS committed to ensuring that delegates are trained to the highest possible standards.

This is achieved by MSI understanding and meeting the needs of Industry to ensure and contribute to a safe and competent workforce.

MSI is committed to ensuring the delivery of training and assessment to meet and exceed the expectations of Industry and contribute to the common goal of reducing and eliminating accidents and incidents.Delegates who successfully complete the relevant training course(s) will be assessed in accordance with the OPITO Approval Criteria.All training will be adequately supervised in a safe and controlled environment, delivered by MSI qualified / experienced staff and will be carried out by qualified instructors.

Delegates will be treated in a courteous manner at all times,Delegates will be met on arrival and at the point of registration will be provided with a Safety Induction detailing emergency drills, safe exits, muster points etc.Throughout the course(s) duration Delegates movement in and around the training venue will be monitored and controlled in accordance with MSI Health and Safety at Work Policy.Delegates will have their competence assessed by trained and qualified Assessors and in alignment with OPITO Standard requirements.

Training events will be limited as per course requirements.