ISO 45001 Policy

Health and Safety Policy:-

The Maritime Safety Institute (MSI) is committed to provide maritime safety education and training services to the Shipping, Seafarers and Offshore personnel.

MSI, through its Health and Safety policy, recognizes and accepts its responsibility to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health and is appropriate to the purpose, the size and context of the MSI and to the specific nature of its OHS risks and OHS opportunities through the following:

• Identifying and control hazards that may cause injuries and illnesses of employees, delegates and other interested parties by using the hierarchy of controls.

• Eliminating or minimizing the potential risks from such hazards that affect the health and safety of all employees, delegates and other interested parties.

• Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to the institute''s activities and occupational health and safety.

• Setting and reviewing Occupational Health and Safety objectives and its implementation annually to ensure continuous improvements and prevention of risks.

• Communicating this policy to all employees, delegates and interested parties.• Provide employees with training and awareness to the Occupational Health & Safety issues.

• Commitment to participate, i.e. The involvement of workers’, and where they exist, workers’ representatives, in the decision-making processes in the OH&S management system

• Commitment to involve all employees, including site labor in the decision-making processes of the occupational Health and Safety Management System.

• Inject the team spirit and ensure the continuous development and motivation of its employees and adherence to the application of international standards

• Ensure proper communication, perception and awareness to all employees about the duties of occupational health, safety, environmental protection and quality of service provided To achieve these objectives, MSI, committed to comply with the international standards ISO 45001:2018 requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of Occupational Health and safety management system to enhance the MSI’s OHS performance.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its relevance, effective implementation and suitability to MSI work nature, The MSI is also committed to provide material and human resources to support Health and Safety Policy, either current or future.