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Markets & Job Opportunities

The Mechanical Engineering program (ME) objectives are fully supportive, consistent, and do not conflict with the mission of the College of Engineering and Technology, and the AASTMT. The consistency with missions of the College of Engineering and Technology and the AASTMT is realized through several points. These points are producing graduates with capabilities that enable them to succeed as mechatronics engineers and meet the expectations of employers in operational and technical functions of multinational or large local companies within a broad range of sectors such as petroleum, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), automotive industry, etc.

 Furthermore, graduates of ME program work in all aspects of the development of products, from design and testing right through to manufacture. There is almost no product in the world that is solely electronic, electrical or mechanical in nature. With the growing capabilities of electronics, modern mechanical systems are embedded with electronics and controls. This means that the lines between each discipline are becoming increasingly blurred, and there is a growing demand for mechatronics engineers whose knowledge is strong across all of these areas.