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Program Description

The first academic year is considered a foundation year. Hull Students are eligible to spend the last year of study abroad. Hull students have the privilege of attending graduation at the University of Hull in the UK. Hull Students receive Hull ID numbers, email access, and access to all electronic libraries at the beginning of year Two. Hull students will receive Dual bachelor's degrees; from AAST and the University of Hull by the end of the 4th year of study.

Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

For American students minimum EST Score is 820 with a minimum GPA of 3. For IGCSE students 8 O Levels are required. Birth certificate Copy of parent's ID card or passport. 4 personal photos $200 admission fees in dollars or equivalent with Egyptian pounds for Egyptian students (non-refundable). $1000 as a down payment from the tuition fees (fully refundable only until 17/8/2023)

Tests & Prerequisites

All newly admitted applicants are required to take an English placement test. In addition to the English placement test, the Cambridge test is required with a minimum score of B2 to be able to join the international program. IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5 or TOEFL with a minimum score of 450 is accepted.




The aim of the program is to offer the AASTMT students an opportunity to join an international hub that gathers both students and higher educational institutions from around the world to become aspiring leaders in the vastly growing global business arena. Upon joining the University of Hull program, you will be joining an institution that hat was founded in 1927, building a heritage of academic excellence and a history of creating and inspiring life-changing research. According to the guardian ranking in 2023, the University of Hull ranks 59 out of 121 universities in the UK. According to Webometrics world ranking the University of Hull ranks 688 as a world ranking out of 11999 countries..

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