History Of CMT Smart Village Campus

The College of Management and Technology through the Years: A Journey to Success.

Being situated at the heart of Smart Village - the business and innovation hub - the chronicle of The College of Management and Technology (CMT) presents a journey to success. Since its establishment back in 2013, The College of Management and Technology has developed into a triumph of an outstanding environment for knowledge, research, innovation and growth. An environment that is based on the principles of partnership between faculty, staff and students. This is attributed to the entrepreneurial mindset and direction of the College leadership. Such a direction inspired the creation of pillars that lead to the College’s continuous high impact development. To date, approximately a total number of 400 students have graduated and an approximate number of 120 students are expected to graduate over the next academic year.


For our team at CMT Smart Village campus, student success relies on both educational and early career performance. Accordingly, it is a top priority for our faculty to ensure excellence in education and research as well as establishing a high connection to the job market. The processes also includes safeguarding a vast amount of opportunities for the students to practice job market essential skills and competencies. This takes place regularly through the invitation of industry experts to create the bridge between academia and practice. In addition to that, linking knowledge and the market is established through the practical hands-on projects that the students are required to accomplish through the different courses. This synthesized, in 2014 the College started to apply the strategic direction of the AAST professional training program. Accordingly, an approximate number of 200 opportunities are offered for the students annually to undergo a professional training experience before they graduate. Despite the entry of new competitors in the higher education market during the period of 2017, the College was still able to maintain an increase in the intake of students from 11 students in 2013 to an approximate expectation of 200 students in 2021. This was ensured through a significant focus on a vast number of strategies that ensure student satisfaction with their on campus experience. As an illustration, a substantial focus was placed on the process of academic advising. To the Faculty and staff of CMT Smart Village the students are at the heart of it all. 


The College started in 2013 as a combined entity with the esteemed College of Logistics and International Transport, where the CMT offered three different majors. As the success in the number of student intake increased, the merger between the two colleges came to an end in 2014. Since its onset in 2013, the College started offering International Programs. Today, 3 dual degrees as part of the AAST International Programs are offered on Smart Village campus. In 2016, the College earned its ISO 9001 certification and it was renewed in 2021.  Further to that, the number of majors offered has increased to become five different majors. Because at CMT Smart Village campus we value diversity and interdisciplinary scientific approaches, in 2017 the College started offering a range of minor tracks for engineering students. To further capitalize on this approach, recently the College started offering its own management students the option of minoring in other AAST fields. For instance, CMT students can now minor in Multimedia and Mass Communication aside to their management degree. This strategy is expected to provide unique opportunities to the future leaders of the business environment.  


At CMT our human capital is an integral aspect of the equation. In 2021 The College faculty structure was announced by the President of AASTMT. The structure included the appointment of the Dean, two deputy deans and three department heads. By 2021 the number of faculty members increased to include 3 Associated Professors, 7 Doctors and 9 Teacher Assistants. Moreover, our teaching staff includes a number of 9 senior Teaching Assistants as well as a number of 4 administrative staff members. Our research areas include a broad range of topics in the field of Management and Business. 

At CMT Smart Village Campus our motto is to constantly stay committed to delivering added value to business and society. Our philosophy includes a blend of excellence in education, research and a strong connection to the job market. Hence, we aspire to continuously contribute to the development of our local, regional and global communities.