Objectives and core Values


 Our objectives, at the College of Management & Technology - Smart Village , are to:

  • Enable learners to articulate, integrate and implement best practice principles and utilize interpersonal, conceptual and technical skills in creative, socially responsible and ethical manner.
  • Be exposed to the dynamics, inter-dependencies and value oriented principles associated with organizational behavior in a modern business context.
  • Learn about process-oriented, value-driven structures and systems in managing modern organizational set.
  • Critically examine the relevance and impact of management concepts in different sectors in the economy.
  • Develop networking skills and group dynamics.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop global awareness, understanding, and diversity.
  • Manage information technology and technology tools.

At the College of Management & Technology – Smart Village , we value excellence in all what we do and in all what we say. Our Core Values are:

  • Employees – employees make things happen, well-ed and highly qualified academic and administrative personnel, and treating all individuals with dignity, respect, and fairness
  • Students – an environment characterized by personal growth and development opportunities within and beyond the classroom, and a flexible learning environment
  • Learning –quality teaching, high academic standards, and opportunities for experiential learning
  • Seek and use knowledge to enlighten ourselves and benefit the world
  • Sustain excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement
  • Recognize and reward merit, creativity, and innovation
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Be a collaborative and caring community and
  • Be accessible and affordable to all who meet high academic standards