International Road Union (IRU)

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Driver)Trucks are the vital link between producers, businesses and consumers. It helps to promote a fairer distribution of goods, wealth and jobs between urban and rural areas. This certificate aims to create new drivers’ generation able to provide high quality services on both national and international levels. It also aims to enhance the truck drivers’ skills (driving, traffic rules, discipline…etc.) and develops personnel's physical and mental ability. It develops the knowledge of the international convention of carriage by road (TIR, ADR, CMR, ATP…etc.) to equip the drivers with defensive driving, safe and secure loading and economical driving. The certificate is offered in corporation with the International Road Union.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Manager)This certificate is the first of its kind in the North Africa and the Middle East region. This programme targets the transport managers, operations managers, fleet and planning managers. The programme follows the criteria and the advanced regulations of the IRU Training Academy in Genève, Switzerland. The certificate aims to enhance the managerial and planning skills to the mangers who work in the field of road transport. The CPC Manager program consists of 9 modules: civil law, commercial law, social law, fiscal law, business and financial management of the undertaking, access to the market, technical standards & technical aspects of operation, road safety, and health.

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