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Supply Chain Management Major

Supply Chain Management is one of the most upcoming fields of applied business sciences. Especially in Egypt where an understanding of supply chain management is slowly coming into appreciation.

It is widely agreed that companies today compete through their supply chains. Products have become similar to the extent that customers no longer care about the brand rather the availability of the needed item. Supply chain management science is the study of all the processes involved in the transfer of material from its raw stage until its final stage.

A supply chain is also referred to as a value chain where there is a focus on value creation through all the stages involved and waste elimination. The novelty of supply chain management is how it combines decisions related to supplier ion, sourcing of material, production scheduling and planning, inbound logistics, physical supply, material handling, warehousing, physical distribution, outbound logistics, and retailing all with focus on value creation from a customer’s perspective. Supply chain management combines models related to production scheduling, transportation, warehousing, and inventory in order to obtain managerial decisions for better overall optimization of the supply chain. 

Students graduating from the supply chain department will have the opportunity to work in various fields of the industry. Whether in service industries or product oriented industries, supply chain management has become a crucial element in optimizing the supply with the demand offering overall cost reduction opportunities and better customer service. 

Professional Careers: 

The study of Supply Chain Management major prepares students for professional careers with manufacturers and distributors companies, transportation carriers, and logistics service providers. Also your career can be as distribution personnel where they manage the activities involved in the storage and distribution of materials and products. Other jobs include sourcing, managing supplier relationships, supervising warehousing operations, developing supply chain structure and more.

Transport Operations Management Major

Transport Operations Management plays a fundamental role in a wide range of activities in business technology, industry and government as well as in numerous aspects of everyday life. Rail, road, air and water transport directly & indirectly employs over 1 million making up around 20% of the employment in the Middle East. The transportation sector alone accounts for over 10% of the GDP. Shipping and aviation when added up make around 15% of the GDP.

Professional Careers:

This major prepares students for professional careers in transport companies as fleet managers where they oversee the purchase/leasing, operation and maintenance of vehicles. Also your career can be as Transport managers where they design transport networks, schedule routes and manage costs or Freight forwarders where they organize the movement of goods by all forms of transport.

International Trade Major

This major provides global business with trained graduates who have the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the expanding of the international trading environment. The central focus of the curriculum is to provide practical knowledge about global, regional and domestic trade markets.  Also provide graduates with managerial skills needed by executives as they conduct international trade, move goods and services across national boundaries and manage day to day operations.

Professional Careers:

This major prepares students for professional careers in different areas in international trade, trade finance management, logistics and supply chain, e-business.  Trading companies is one of the major organizations which recruit students.

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