Why CITL ?

AASTMT has established the College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) which is the first college in the Middle East and North African regions to offer Bachelor degree in the management of trade logistics and international transport in both the Arabic and English languages.

“20 Years Experience”

There are several reason to consider joining the College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL):

  • Uniqueness of the degree: No other college or University in the region offers a degree that is even have a small similarity with our degrees.

  • Reputation: The Arab Academy for Science and Technology offers an outstanding learning experience.

  • Top Notch Faculty Members: The College has a highly qualified faculty members with PhD from US, UK, and Egyptian universities.

  • State of Art advances in science: Not only the school teaches latest science advances, but also teach them in non conventional way to make it more attractive to the students. 

  • Peace of Mind: The Academy offers student health insurance and provide financial support for  the unfortunate students who lose their financial sponsor during the course of study.

  • Incentives: The college offers financial support for the outstanding students who sty on top of their class.

  • Languages: Not only we teach two tracks Arabic and English, but we also work on improving the English language of the students who study in the Arabic Track.