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We are enhancing the technological infrastructure of AASTMT by creating custom software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the academy. These solutions enable efficient management of academic and administrative processes, enhance communication and collaboration among stakeholders, and provide valuable decision-making tools.

Software Development
The IDC specializes in developing and creating software applications and systems that cater to the specific needs of the  (AASTMT). This includes designing and building mobile apps, websites, ERP system, and decision support tools.
Support and Training Services
The IDC operates a support team that provides assistance to users, resolving technical issues and offering guidance on the systems it develops and maintains. Additionally, the IDC conducts training programs and workshops to educate students and staff members on the proper utilization of the systems.
Ongoing Improvement and Feedback
Feedback mechanisms, such as surveys or feedback forms, allow users to provide insights and suggestions for improvement. The IDC incorporates this feedback to continually improve the systems and ensure they meet the evolving needs of AASTMT.


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