The Arab Academy for Science, technology and maritime transport is one of the leading organizations in the fields of education, training and consulting at all levels locally, in the Arab world and Africa. Since its inception, the Academy has borne the burdens of developing maritime education in all its branches and specialties, and it is adding to its credit other great achievements in the fields of engineering, administrative and medical education.

Over the past fifty years, the Academy has proven that leadership does not come out of thin air, but with creative thought and hard work aimed at everything new and advanced in the fields of education and training. With the same thought, the academy was the leader in sensing the importance of information and its management systems in achieving success for organizations at the internal and external levels.serious steps have been taken since 1983 to establish the information and Documentation Center to establish a basic base for information systems at the Academy aimed at achieving quality performance and providing good services to students and trainees and ensuring the accuracy and quality of decisions at all administrative levels. There is no doubt that information is an essential source of strategic resources that organizations rely on to survive and grow, as well as financial, material and human resources, because whoever has the right information certainly has the right decision.