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Welcome to AASTMT Sports Affairs

Welcome to AASTMT Sports Affairs

Welcome to our Sports Life@ AASTMT, this website and sports services are dedicated to all AASTMT Students and Staff. Great sports facilities are available, whatever your sport is, we really do have something to offer. It is firmly believed that future of our nation is strictly associated with the upbringing and welfare of the youth, especially in the field of sports that improve their health as well as their manners. Taking this in consideration, the Academy has always taken and always take care of sports and athletes in order to achieve a pioneering role in the region.

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We provide opportunity for students to enhance, refine and demonstrate their athletic and intellectual skills through teamwork, sportsmanship, competition and to provide the staff and facilities for the training necessary for outstanding programs and the development of a well-rounded athlete.

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Sports Marketing

Over the years the Academy has been sponsoring sports and athletes, considering them on top of its priorities, since it believes in its national and social responsibility as one of the joint Arab Action organizations .The Academy teams have become one of the best university teams not only in the Arab World , but also internationally.

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