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Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
EA211 Principles of Marketing EA121
EA212 Organization Behavior EA121
EA213 Statistics EB127
ES211 Databases ES111, ES121
ES225 Introduction to Computer Programming ES111
S327 Networks and Communication S317
Code Title Prequisites
CR226 Introduction to E-Business ES211
EA221 Operation Research EA213, EA121
EA312 Financial Management EA213, EY121, EA121
EY222 Accounting Information System EF201 & EY121
S226 Information System Analysis S211
S317 New Trends (Computer Operating Systems) S211
Code Title Prequisites
CR325 Internet Programming S315-CR315
CR326 Internet Marketing A211-CR22
CR327 Project Management S226
EA311 Human Resources Management EA212
EW321 Business Law None
Code Title Prequisites
CR411 Multimedia Technologies CR226-CR315
CR412 Human Computer Interaction CR226-CR315
CR413 M-Commerce CR226-S327
CR414 E-government CR226-CR315
CR415 Information Security CR226-S315-S327
CR416 Web Site Design CR325-CR236-CR317
CR417 Intelligent Computing for Business CR315/ES315
CR418 E-Logistics CR226-A221
EA321 Production and Operation Management EA221

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