Specialized Maritime courses

Due to the continuous amendments to international regulations in the maritime industry and its reflection on the management of shipping and offshore companies as well as personnel working onboard ships and offshore installation, and due to the need to follow up and implement these regulations, the MSI covers such need by offering specialized programs and courses.

In this field, trainees are certified after successfully completing the training courses with the following certificates:

  • Risk management
  • Emergency team member
  • Emergency team leader
  • Accident investigation
  • Medical first aid for incidents of hazardous material
  • Safety in confined spaces
  • Smoke Diving
  • Safety of Rigging and slinging
  • Proficiency as safety officer/Engineer
  • Stowage and securing of goods in transport units
  • Safety of transport, lifting and stowage operations
  • Implementation of IMDG code in port area
  • Implementation of IMDG code onboard ships
  • Marine Environmental awareness
  • Lashing and handling of containers
  • International safety management
  • Internal Auditor for International safety management