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International Maritime Organization:
A specialized agency of the United Nations based in the United Kingdom with 169 Member States and three Associate Members. IMO\'\'s specialized committees and sub-committees are the focus for the technical work to update existing legislation or develop and adopt new regulations, with meetings attended by maritime experts from Member Governments, together with those from interested intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

The International Association for Safety and Survival Training:
The International Association for Safety and Survival Training was founded in 1980 by a group of major safety training providers whose aim was to enhance the quality of emergency response training by encouraging an interchange of knowledge and experience between training providers on a global basis. Since those early days, the membership has expanded dramatically into a truly international organization with worldwide representation.

Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization:
OPITO – The Oil & Gas Academy is the industry’s focal point for skills, learning and workforce development. The Academy is a self-sustaining, employer and trade union led organization committed to developing and sustaining a safe, skilled and effective workforce now and in the future. This is achieved by working in collaboration with: industry employers, learning & training providers, education & academia and partnership organizations.

United States Marine Safety Association:
The Mission of the USMSA is to be the recognized world leader in the marine safety and survival industries and To promote the development and implementation of the highest possible performance, manufacturing, maintenance, service and training standards, for all lifesaving, survival and emergency rescue equipment.

Survival Systems Limited (SSL):
Survival Systems Limited (SSL) is committed to total safety and has helped create a very unique and realistic approach to a wide range of safety training products and services. As an example, SSL have developed the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METSâ„¢) that replicates specific helicopter/aircraft configurations and is used in simulating and learning how to survive from a ditching situation. By using SSL safety training simulation products and associated training programs, clients can measure their profits in terms of lives preserved.

The Leading Safety Group (LSG):
LSG specialises in the sales and service of marine safety equipment and has done so since December 1985. LSG is the largest Australian owned liferaft service and supply company.

RFD Beaufort Limited:
First established in 1920 by founder Reginald Foster Dagnall, RFD have since been committed to providing customers with the highest quality safety and survival equipment in the world.

SHARK GROUP Safety Equipments:
Shark Group is an award winning manufacturer of survival products and technical clothing, including survival suits and re-breather systems for the offshore oil and gas industry world wide. The company has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of products for some of the world\'\'s most challenging environments.

BAVARIA Firefighting Equipments:
BAVARIA provides consultancy in the field of firefighting that helps clients to establish a secure fire protection system that best suits their needs. Furthermore, BAVARIA designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of high quality fire extinguishers in different capacities.

Atlas Knowledge:
Atlas Knowledge uses award-winning learning methodologies and technologies to develop people’s skills in the most effective and efficient way. Through learning, Atlas Knowledge enables clients to improve business performance while reducing legislative and operational risk.

Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, DAX-listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business.

Commanding market-leading positions worldwide in marine, defence and aerospace survival technology, the Survitec Group brings together best-in-class brands with reputations for quality design and innovation. Our experience of over 90 years in this business means we understand the importance of reliable, accessible and value for money after sales support.

Viking-life-Saving Equipment
Founded in 1960 and born global, VIKING is a privately held market leader in maritime and fire safety with group headquarters in Denmark and 2,000 employees worldwide. We provide essential safety and fire-fighting equipment to the following segments: passenger, cargo, offshore, defence, fishing, yachting and fire.

We design and provide complete defense and security solutions as if our own lives depend on them because we know your lives do, especially during tough times when lives and budgets are on the line. From life preservers and flotation gear to anti-exposure and anti-G suits, we work with you to build solutions specific to your mission's requirements. We focus on integrating new technologies into practical solutions that provide the superior performance and protection you need to do your job safely.

Cold Water Boot Camp and Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA educate the general public and first responders with preventative measures and rescue and recover and re-warm techniques should you be a victim, or find yourself in a position to rescue a cold water immersed victim.

Canadian Safe Boating Council
Canada with its abundance of lakes and rivers has an extremely rich recreational boating heritage. That this activity is enjoyed safely by millions of Canadians each year is due in great part to the efforts of boating enthusiasts and experts alike.  

A few years ago, the original award-winning Cold Water Boot Camp, DVD, and website were developed to show the real-life effects of the Cold Shock Response, Cold Incapacitation, and Hypothermia. Now it’s time for Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp: advanced training for First Responders and boating safety Educators to help prevent the needless fatalities associated with cold water rescues and Circum-rescue Collapse.