International Transport and logistics institute  Alexandria

ITLI Objectives

- ITLI is committed to qualify personnel to become leaders in their fields, and to work efficiently through up-to-date education and training via a mix of advanced scientific studies and practical experiences thus, enhancing their creativity and their future visions that leads to excellence in their relevant organizational performance.

- ITLI is committed to provide transport and logistics consultancy services and scientific research papers.

- ITLI is committed to understand current, and to develop creative new, solutions in order to improve International Transport and Logistics efficiencies and reduce cost.

- ITLI is committed to understand current and to explore, evaluate and implement new, strategic options by understanding and anticipating their International Transport and Logistics repercussions.

- ITLI is committed to explore the fascinating world of research in intellectually one of the most challenging fields of International Transport and Logistics and interdisciplinary content of technology, business and leadership.