International Transport and logistics institute  Alexandria



In 2000, our Institute has been re-engineered and hence acquired its present name The International Transport and Logistics Institute (ITLI). Our Institute re-engineering came in response to the increasing demand on post graduate education in the field of global trade, transport and logistics, which lead to the starting delivery of the Diploma certificate in International Transport and Logistics in cooperation with the Norwegian Shipping Academy and NORAD for fourteen consecutive years.


Presently, the Institute offers a number of postgraduate programs that participate in enriching all branches of human knowledge through specialized studies and serious research in order to achieve scientific contributions, innovative applications, to unveil new facts, and to enable distinguished holders of university degrees to resume their postgraduate studies. The Institute highly qualifies specialized scientific and professional calibers and encourages scientific competencies to keep up with the speedy development of science, technology with creativity and innovation.


ITLI offers post-graduate programs (Diploma, M.Sc., Ph.D., tailored short courses, workshops and seminars) covering state –of-the-art knowledge and best practices in International Transport, Global Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Law.  The programs are tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities of the post-industrial global era, based on the quality of teaching and training services in order to qualify graduates to operate and lead their firms competitively and efficiently.