Natural Language Processing

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- Understand approaches to syntax and semantics in NLP.
- Understand approaches to discourse, generation, dialogue and summarization within NLP .
- Understand methods of machine translation.
- Understand machine learning techniques used in NLP and its applications.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


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Course Content

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1Introduction and fundamental algorithms
2Applications Overview Machine translation, question and answering, chatbots and dialogue systems, automatic speech recognition, text to speech.
3Estimation Techniques and Language Modeling (N-gram Models)
4Naive Bayes and Sentiment Classification
5Vector Semantics and Embeddings
6Neural Networks doer NLP
7Syntactic Structure and Dependency Parsing
8Sequence labeling for parts of speech and named entities
9RNNs and LSTMs models for NLP
10Semantic Role Labeling and Argument Structure
11Lexicons for Sentiment, Affect, and Connotation
12Attention and Self-attention basics
13Transformers and transfer learning for NLP
14Machine Translation (MT)
15Natural Language Generation/Summarization

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