Master in Information Systems



To be among the leading programs in research and teaching in the Information Systems field on the regional and international levels.



To graduate calibers in Information Systems with the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and strategic planning to enable them to lead IT initiatives for organizational success. And, to educate students to be successful, ethical, and effective researchers and life-long learners who will contribute positively on the regional and international levels in the scholarly research.


Graduate Attributes

  • Be able to apply theories and knowledge that are amenable to computer information systems,
  • Be able to understand, design, and analyze IT problems.
  • Be equipped with fundamental principles of Information Systems that will enable life long learning to adapt with the constant development of the field.
  • Be able to conduct research individually and in teams.
  • Have experience of working in teams to build information systems.

Course Listing:

4 Core Courses

12 Credit Hours


IS 701

Decision   Support   and                 Intelligent


CR 3

IS 702

Advanced Database Management

CR 3

IS 703

Information Systems Security

CR 3

IS 704

Management Information Systems

CR 3

3 Elective Courses

9 Credit Hours

IS 710

Advanced Software Engineering

CR 3

IS 711

Networking Applications

CR 3

IS 712

Data Warehousing and Mining

CR 3


IS 713

Knowledge    Management    for     E-


CR 3

IS 714

Information Systems Design

CR 3

IS 715

Multimedia Information Systems

CR 3

IS 716

Software Testing and Quality


CR 3

IS 717

GIS and Spatial Database

CR 3

IS 718

Quality Management and Assurance of

Information Systems

CR 3

1 IS 700: Selected Topics in Information Systems

3 Credit Hours

2 Master Thesis Parts

12 Credit Hours

IS 730

Master’s Thesis Part (I)

3 Credit Hours

IS 731

Master’s Thesis Part (II)

9 Credit Hours