College Message

The College of Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) aims to develop a generation that could harness innovation with creativity. Through hands on the most recent programming design methodologies and facilities our students are inspired to discover innovative solution for any real problem.  


Moreover, and since its establishment, the CCIT has built a number of beneficial relationships with several governmental and private companies those exist in the Egyptian market, to tackling the new trends required in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Therefore, and through capacity building programs the CCIT provides, Multimedia and Graphics graduates are capable of acquiring numerous career opportunities and competing in several international competitions to become the next generation of entrepreneurs. 


College Vision

College of Computing and Information Technology at Smart Village vision is to become a distinct prototype of the bridge between the higher education sector and the ICT industry on both the regional and the international levels.

College Mission

• Provide a caliber graduate through theoretical, and practical training, to provide suitable solutions to real-world problems.
• Become a regional and an international leader in the scholarly research.
• Provide students with the inspiration to become technological entrepreneurs through shaping the near future with intelligent ideas.