Digital Image Processing

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- Understand image processing, computer imaging systems, resolution concerns, and image formats.
- Illustrate image digitization, image properties, and noise in images.
- Realize image pre-processing enhancements pixel brightness transformation, geometric transformations, and local filtering using masks.
- Apply image segmentation threshold based, edge based, region based, and matching.
- Understand shape representation and description.
- Apply mathematical morphology.
- Introduce classification and recognition in image analysis.
- Implement a computer program on Matlab or Python to for an image analysis application.
- Present a framework for an image analysis application pipeline.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


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Course Content

content serial Description
1Introduction to DIP
2Image histograms
3Image enhancements using transformation
4Spatial filtering
5Morphological image processing part 1
6Morphological image processing part 2
7Image segmentation part 1
8Image segmentation part 2
9Feature extraction
10Feature extraction and classification part 1
11Classification part 2
12Image recognition part 1
13Image recognition part 2
14Projects Discussions

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