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- Specify what is language translation and its phases.
- Do Lexical and Syntactic analysis.
- Interpret context-free grammars.
- Understand the overall structure of a compiler .
- Learn significant details about a number of important techniques commonly used in compilers construction.
- Understand code generation and optimization.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


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Course Content

content serial Description
1Introduction to language translation
2Language translation phases
3Lexical analysis part 1
4Lexical analysis part 2
5Syntactic analysis part 1
6Syntactic analysis part 2
7Formal definition of grammars BNF and EBNF part 1
8Formal definition of grammars BNF and EBNF part 2
9Context-free-grammars part 1
10Context-free-grammars part 2
11Bottom-up vs. top-down parsing
12Tabular vs. recursive-descent parsers
13Error handling and Run-time Environment
14Code generation
15Code Optimization

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