Introduction to Bioinformatics

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This course is designed to give students both a theoretical background and practical skills needed for bioinformatics. Students will become familiar with a variety of currently available genomic and proteomic databases. Assessment will be based upon performance on computer assignments and exam questions. Students will be able to search and retrieve information from genomic and proteomic databases, as well as compare and analyze sequences, construct phylogenetic trees. Students will also become familiar with the principles and applications of microarrays, perform predictions of protein structure and function, comparative genomic analysis.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


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Course Content

content serial Description
1Introduction to bioinformatics
2Review of DNA and Genomes
3Molecular biology
4DNA and protein databases, data storage, file formats, information retrieval
5Database queries, sequence retrieval, Sequence alignment Sequence alignments continued
6Comparative genomics
7Comparative genomics continued
8Phylogenetic tree construction
9Consensus sequences
10Gene identification
11Microarrays and the transcriptome
12Introduction to proteomics
13Prediction of protein structure and function
14Prediction of protein structure and function continued

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