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The graduation project challenges students to go beyond the learning skills and knowledge they obtained from their educational program by developing projects that demonstrate their intellectual, technical and creative abilities. Students shall complete their projects in areas of concentrated study under the direction and supervision of faculty members. Project 1 will demonstrate the students ability to identify a problem domain, define the problem, conduct analysis of current related projects, commercial tools, research, identify and specify requirements, perform analysis and design for the proposed solution.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


  • Explain and identify the applications of the projects and its association with real and industrial life. Demonstrate the ability of student to survey the main background and sketch comparative literature among different related models, tools and techniques. Apply the phases of requirements, analysis and design in the software development life cycle and illustrating considerations of professional and ethical responsibilities. Demonstrate effective technical writing, communication and presentation skills. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as a member of a development team and under guidance, manage his/her own learning and development including task breakdown, time management ,planning and organizational skills


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Course Content

content serial Description
1Formulate Problem definition(Problem Statement)
2Determine Motivation and Applications
3Articulate Project Aims and Objectives
4Conduct Literature Survey part 1
5Conduct Literature Survey part 2
6Plan for the project (Scope definition and task breakdown, time management) Part 1
7Plan for the project (Scope definition and task breakdown, time management) Part 2
8Gather Requirements Part 1
9Gather Requirements Part 2
10Write the requirements specification document Part 1
11Write the requirements specification document Part 2
12Systems analysis of processes and data Part 1
13Systems analysis of processes and data Part 2
14Design the required features and operations in detail and produce design artifacts
15Develop a Prototype

Markets and Career

  • Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power for public and private sectors to secure both continuous and emergency demands.
  • Electrical power feeding for civil and military marine and aviation utilities.
  • Electrical works in construction engineering.

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