Introduction to Photography

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This course explores the practical and creative interplay between photographic practice and theory in the field of visual representations of urban space. Technical aspects camera types - camera parts, Technical aspects lenses and accessories, Focal lengths , vision angles - aperture - shutter speed and iso, Photographic composition introduction, Photographic composition emphasis, Dealing with light natural and artificial , shades and shadows , Dealing with light flash, Balance -Contrast colors, Contrast texture, Dealing with movable objects, Special photographic effects, Photographic project


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


  • Photography is considered to be the most impressive communication medium. Therefore, it is playing the most vital role in our visual interactions throughout our lives, which reflects the importance of the course. This course aims to develop the students abilities of visual expression and his senses of aesthetic appreciation through learning and practicing photography.


Joinson , Simon . Landscapes and Cityscapes - The Digital Photographer’ s Handbook . Roto Vision SA , East Sussex , 2002

Course Content

content serial Description
1Introduction and explanation of both aim and objectives of the course.
2Technical aspects camera types - camera parts
3Technical aspects lenses and accessories
4Focal lengths , vision angles - aperture - shutter speed and iso
5Photographic composition introduction
6Photographic composition emphasis
77th week Assessment
8Dealing with light natural and artificial , shades and shadows
9Dealing with light flash
10Balance - Contrast colors
11Contrast texture
1212th week Assessment
13Dealing with movable objects
14Special photographic effects
15Photographic project

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