Music and Civilization

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This course provides a tour through the world of music. Music Civilization Definitions Music, Sound, Pitch, Dynamics, Timbre (Voices and Instruments). Basic Elements of Music Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Texture and Form. Musical Styles Ancient Music Egyptian, Mesopotamian Greek and Roman Music., Western Classical Music Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Medieval Period (450-1450), the Renaissance Period (1450-1600), Baroque Period (1600-1750), Classical Period, Romantic Period (1820-1900), Modern Music (20th Century To World War II).


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  • This course provides the student knowledge with musical vocabulary and common architectural terms. It enhances the students practical skills in the field of identifying classical music, with emphasizing on understanding the different types of musical eras. It aims at providing the student with the main knowledge of music vocabulary and understand the types of musical eras.


KAMIEN Roger- Music: An Appreciation- 4th ed.- Mc Graw Hill- NewYork.

Course Content

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1Introduction Music &Civilization Definitions Music, Sound, Pitch, Dynamics, Timbre (Voices And Instruments). Basic Elements Of Music Melody, Harmony (Consonance & Dissonance, Key, Scale), Rhythm (Beat, Meter, Tempo, Accent, Syncopation), Texture (Monophonic, Polyphonic& Homophonic) And Form (Binary, Ternary.)
2MUSICAL STYLES Introduction ANCIENT MUSIC Egyptian, Mesopotamian Greek And Roman Music.
3Western Classical Music Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic
4MEDIEVAL PERIOD (450-1450) Historical Events Sack Of Rome By Vandals, Reigh Of Pope Gregory I, Crusades, 100 Years War.
5Social And Cultural Background Feudal System Nobility, Peasantry And Clergy.
7THE BAROQUE PERIOD (1600-1750) Historical Events Scientific Advances, Galilio, Newton. Social And Cultural Background Age Of Absolutism.
8Characteristics Of Baroque Music.
107th Week Assessment, Continuation Of The Previous Lecture And Evaluation.
11The CLASSICAL PERIOD Historical Events The Invention Of Steam Engine. American And French Revolutions, Napoleonic War.
13ROMANTIC PERIOD (1820-1900) Historical Events
14ROMANTIC PERIOD (1820-1900) II
15Continuation Of The Previous Lecture And Evaluation.

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