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This course is designed to help students to concentrate on grammatical structures especially those used in scientific language. Students will be introduced to vocabulary of scientific English and develop their understanding and application of it. The exercises used aim at teaching and understanding concepts, using lexical and cohesive devices, deducing contextual meaning of lexical items, and skimming and/or scanning to locate specific information.


Computer Science bachelor`s degree Program


  • - read and understand English texts in different contexts.
    - recognize and distinguish between the different reading skills of skimming and scanning.
    - use inferencing and reading strategies appropriately
    - identify contextual reference.
    - understand spoken language in context.
    - distinguish between listening for gist and specific information and/or details.
    - memorize vocabulary used in different real life situations and be able to use learnt vocabulary items to discuss related issues.
    - use the four language skills effectively.


Roadmap B 1 Students' Book. Pearson Heather Jones and Monica Berlis

Course Content

content serial Description
1Orientation + Icebreaking Activities + Phonetic Games
2Reading Comprehension
3Phonetic Games + Video Viewing Sheet
4Phonetic Games + In-Class Project Profiling Profile Your Role Model + Life Maps
5How to read, write and present a story (Listening + Grammar) + Reading Comprehension Practice
6Reading Comprehension + Song Remember me (From Movie Coco)
7Check & Reflect Students Book + 7th Week Assessment Human Resources
8Notices and Advertisements+ In Class Projects Make an ad present it to your class + Develop your writing Write short notes.
9Song Ka Ching (by Shania Twain)+ Poster Presentation about a Brand, a Franchise, a Product, Service, etc.
10Write a Movie Review + Video Viewing Sheet+ An Actor life. + Reading Comprehension
11Develop Your Listening Understanding Radio Programs + Unit 5 (B) + Unit 6 (A) + Reading Practice Do You Live in a Burglary-Friendly House?
12Check & Reflect Sheets Students Book + Introduce Final Project+ Video Viewing Unit 9 (Chainsaw Art)
13Unit 6 (C) + Unit 8 (C) + Environmental Awareness Bumper Stickers + Review Final Project
14Delivering Final Projects
15Reading Comprehension Sheet Jane Goodall+ Questions and Answers Session

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