RoboCup was founded in 1997 with the main goal of “developing by 2050 a Robot Soccer team capable of winning against the human team champion of the FIFA World Cup”. In the next years, RoboCup proposed several soccer platforms that have been established as standard platforms for robotics research.

RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local, regional, and international robotic events for young students. It is designed to introduce RoboCup to primary and secondary school children, as well as undergraduates who do not have the resources to get involved in the senior leagues.

 RoboCup Egypt

Highlights video:

RoboCupJunior Egypt 2018 Highlights 


850 Student from Egypt Schools and Universities 

6 awards in 2015 

4 awards in 2016.

Champions of Soccer Category china 2015

Champion of the Onstage Category Germany 2016.