Name: Genoise patisserie

Address: Branche1: 65 Sultan Hussien St.

Tel: 03-4831707 - 4831708

Branche2: El Ikbal St 264 AbdelSalam Aref St, El Saraya tram station

Tel Number: 03- 3571191 - 3571196

Branche3: Smouha Fawzy Moaz St, Kasr El Salam Building

Mob Number: 01225502000

Branche4: Loran 427 El Geesh Road, Loran.

Mob Number: 01277222283

Branche5: Agami 107 ElBitash main St, in front of OmarEfandi.

Tel Number: 03-3082933

Branche5: Miami 269 Gamal AbdelNasser St, Miami.

Tel Number: 03-5555947 / 5555946

Branche6: Raml Station 49 Safeya Zaghlool Street

Tel Number: 034879960

Branche7: Zizina 601 Horreya Road - Delta towers

Tel Number: 03-577041

Mob Number: 01281181010

Branche8: King Mariout Mohamed Rashid & Kafoury Rd

Mob Number: 01271702761

Branche9: Roushdy Moaskar El Romany & Alfred Rayaan st

Mob Number: 01222274870 - 01114094666

Discount percentage: 10%On all products, a discount does not apply to a discount


Name: Turkish

Address: Branche1: louran 191 Abdel Salam Aref Street between Shaarawy and Tharwat tram station Alexandria

Branche2: 7 Victor Emawil St., in front of Smouha Club, Alexandria

Discount percentage: 10%On all products