Name: Sedrak Optics

Alexandria Branches:

Branch1: Raml Station

Address Omar Lotfy St. Inside the Armed Forces Services Authority

Mob Number: 01002229144

Branch2: San Stefano

Address Army Road. Inside San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall - First Floor - Shop 138a

Tel Number: 034690010

Mob Number: 01000006826


Branch3: Smouha

Address 40 Fawzy Moaz St. Next to H&M shop

Mob Number: 01022229155

Branch4: Sidi Bishr

Address 48 Hassan Refaat St. Inside Our Lady's Hospital

Tel Number: 035299222

Cairo Branches:

Branch1: Heliopolis

Address Box 1258 F, Autostrad Road, Sheraton Bldgs. Inside Sun City Mall, Ground Floor

Mob Number: 01002222739

Branch2: Nasr City

Address Omar Ibn Al-Khattab St. Inside Citystars Mall - Phase Two - First Floor - Unit 1180

Mob Number: 01009600900

Branch3: New Cairo

Address: North Ninety St., Fifth Settlement. Inside Maxim Mall

Mob Number: 01001079000

Branch4: shobra

Address 116 Kholousy St. Inside Prince Mall - First Floor - Shop 103

Tel Number: 0222050090

Mob Number: 01009800320

Branch5: Giza - 6th of October

Address Central Axis - Freedom Square. Inside Cityscape Mall, 1st Floor

Mob Number: 01002222738

Discount percentage:20% discount on all products




Name:Safer center

Address: Branch1: 26 laguaite st ibrahimya - alexandria

Tel Number: 035922136

Branch2: 91 ahmed shawky - mostafa kamel - alexandria

Tel Number: 035440049

Branch3: 39fawzy mooz st victor emanuak sq - alexandria

Tel Number: 034278529

Branch4:10 elkbal st louran - alexandria

Tel Number: 035842703

Discount percentage:15% discount on all services




Name:Elmalky Center

Address: Branch1:Route 293 Alhurriya Sporting Alexandria

Branch2: 6 Al-Bustan St., Roxy, next to the Elkolfaa Rashidun Mosque, Cairo

Branch3: 52 Gamaet El Dowal St., Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Square, Al Mohandeseen, Cairo

Dscount percentage:5% discount on statements
15% discount on examinations
10% discount on operations



Name:Alkemma Optics

Address: 193 Taiba Street Sporting St Alexandria

Dscount percentage:15% discount on glasses

25% discount on inspection
10% discount on lenses and surgeries






Name:Mohamed Nour Optics

Address: Branch1: 20 mahmoud azmy st


Mob Number: 01271010177 - 01280727770

Branch2: 6 abd elaziz agamia roshdy Alexandria

Tel Number: 035469505

Mob Number: 01227607475

Branch3:Green Plaza mall floor no1 Smouha Alexandria

Tel Number: 034297233

Mob Number: 0124006009

Branch4: Elcotton tower Victor Emanual sq Alexandria

Tel Number: 034246609

Mob Number: 01204006008

Branch5: Gleem Adly qakan infront of the fadly of fine arts

Tel Number: 5844880

Mob Number: 01222225773

Branch6: Carfour Citycenter

Tel Number: 033680300

Mob Number: 01200600006

Discount percentage:20% discount on all products


Name:Roayah vision Center

Address: 52 Tutankhamun St. Sidi Gaber Towers - Alexandria

Tel Number: 034247470

Discount percentage:Discount from 5-15% on services




Name:Swiss Eye Center

Address: 55 Saad Zagloul Street, St Alexandria

Discount percentage:20% discount on all examinations and examinations



Name: Saudi Optics

Address: Branch1: Syouf shmaa Ayoub Barakat Tower Alexandria

Tel Number: 033310500

Mob Number: 01226777781

Branch2: Syouf shmaa, Panorama Tower, in front of the Egyptian Petrol Station, Alexandria

Tel Number: 035252022

Mob Number: 01202117712

Branch3: Iskandar Ibrahim Street, next to Mecca Juice, Alexandria

Tel Number: 035400192

Mob Number: 01204593939

Branch4: Al-Agamy Street, Al-Bitash, Al-Andalus Building, next to the Misr Alexandria Bank

Tel Number: 033081202

Mob Number: 01284302081

Discount percentage:40% discount on all examinations and examinations




Name: Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD

Eye-wear & Accessories from a huge ion of popular items 

discount : 20%