Alumni | AASTMT

Alumni Membership

An Alumni Membership helps you to communicate and achieving and reward the career development through services and benefits that’s offer by the Alumni.

Membership Benefits:-

  • An Alumni ID card allows to you to enter AASTMT Campus, Gym, and theLibrary.
  • Alumni ID Provide 20% on Postgraduate (MQM – MBA – DBA).
  • Alumni ID Provide also 20% on Community Services Center.
  • Alumni Members need to show their Alumni ID to receive discount
  • ALUMNI AASTMT and First degree Family member are entitled to receive a multi discounts in different places (hotels, clinics, restaurants, hospitals).
  • Alumni providing discount for up 20% to graduates in many of the National  and International Trips.
  • Providing Syndicate Services and equivalency of Certificates from the Supreme Council of Universities.

Membership for Bachelor Degree

Deduct from the insurance fees for every graduates, to be member at AASTMT Alumni for the first time.

Renew the Alumni Membershi

  1. For the first 5 years: 135 L.E Per year.
  2. After the 5 years: 270 L.E Per year.
  3. If the Alumni members don't renew the membership for several years,Membership will have , and have to pay new membership fees. 


 Membership for Postgraduate Degree

  • The postgraduates Alumni have to pay membership fees for the first time 300 L.E.
  • For membership renew Alumni member have to pay 270 L.E membership fees.


General Notes:-

  • The renew membership card. Renew fees if is expired or damage Alumni member have to pay 55 L.E
  •  He must update his personal data and renew his personal photo