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Dental cares Clinics

Name:TruSmile Clinic

Address:branch1: Ibrahimia Alexandria

branch2: Fleming Alexandria

Discount percentage:20% for all Services

Tel Number:035865000

Mob Number: 01144480331 

Name: Dentalite Clinic

Address: 29Victor Emmanuel Square above AASTMT Alumni Alexandria

Discount percentage:free examination

and 25% Discount on all services

Mob Number: 01551574424

Name:Louran Dental care Clinic

Address:Branch1: No. 24, El Horreya Road, louran Alexandria

Branch2: 66 Fouad Street - 1 Albert Street Alexandria

Discount percentage:Based on price list 

Name:Hollywood Smile Clinic

Address: Asafra 374 Gamal abdel nasser st in front of aros of Damashk

Discount percentage:30% off according to the price list

Mob Number: 01099505475

Name:Dental Palace Clinic

Address: Branch1: 343 Building Elgiesh rood Gleem - Alexandria

Branch2: 6october st Behind FAB Bank, Elsherif Market - Alexandria

Discount percentage:15% discount on medical treatment
50% discount on agricultural fixtures
10% discount on cosmetic treatments

Tel Number: 035539532

Name: Dental House Clinic

Address:Elnasr st building no1 infront of green plaza - Alexandria

Discount percentage:From 15% to 25% discount on all Services

Mob Number: 01001834225

Name:Al Qady Dental Clinic

Address:No. 31 Mohamed Naguib St. Sidi bisher first floor - Alexandria

Discount percentage:10% discount on all services

15% discount on special days
official and holidays

Tel Number: 035539449

Mob Number: 01010547222

Name:Premium Dental Clinic

Address:Route No. 1 bis Ali Elkhakhkani Azarita Alexandria

Discount percentage:50% discount on examination
Discounts of up to 50% on all services

Mob Number: 01001344283 

Name:Smile Gallery Clinic

Address:710 El Horreya Road Laurent Alexandria

Discount percentage:50% discount on the value of the statement
30% on cleaning and bleaching
25% off all laser services
25 on the animated Hollywood smile
20% on lenses and veneers
15% on Emax and Zirconium fittings
10% on dental implants and cosmetic dentistry

Tel Number: 5867006

Mob Number: 01090032718

Name:Sobky Dental clinic (Dr-Ahmed Elsobky) 

Address:8 El-Baqly Street, off El-Prince Street, Ezbet Mosad Smouha Alexandria

Discount percentage:20% for all services

Tel Number: 034242014

Mob Number: 01271213345

Name:Taj Dental center

Address:5 Sabry Street, Janaklis Tram Station Alexandria

Discount percentage:15% for all services

Mob Number: 0102435799

Tel Number: 035846820

Name:Taj Elite Clinics

Address:Albert 1st Street, Delta Light Buildings, Smouha Alexandria

Discount percentage:30% On all dental services

Name:Star dent dantel centers

Address:5 Al-Bakbakshi Al-Esawy Street with Iskandar Ibrahim Street, Miami Alexandria

Discount percentage:50% of the detection value
25% off all dental services
35% on orthodontics
30% on fixtures

Mob Number: 01226496661

Tel Number: 5521232

Name:Dr-Akram Abdulrahman Hussein

Address:26 Saleh Al-Hadini Street, Muharram Bey, Panorama Al-Hadini Building, first floor Alexandria

Discount percentage:20% On all dental services

Mob Number: 01281381342 - 01001008680

Tel Number: 034956606 - 034953953

Name:Dr- Islam Najeeb Hussein Mohamed

Address:85 Muharram Bey Street, next to the Awlad Al-Sheikh Mosque Alexandria

Discount percentage:15% On all dental services

Mob Number: 01227000467