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Since its establishment in 1972, AASTMT has achieved a remarkable and sustained progress as a specialized organization, a top-level house of expertise and a highly reputable technical arm for the Arab League. Today, our vision for AASTMT is to be recognized as a worldwide center of excellence for maritime and college education according to international standards of education, scientific research, innovation and training. While fulfilling its community service responsibilities, it seeks to maintain its status as a distinguished Arab house of excellence and first choice for students regionally and internationally.

For over 47 years, AASTMT has managed to keep up with the fast pace of development in the fields of education, training, consultation and scientific research. Out of its strong belief in the importance of Arab integration through enhancing joint Arab cooperation with the ultimate aim of attaining integrated Arab collaboration in all scientific fields, AASTMT has managed to accomplish further achievements in the fields of education, training and research. It has served the Arab community by providing education for both undergraduate and graduate students in over 35 specializations, including maritime transport, engineering, computers and information technology, international transport and logistics, management, language, media, law, pharmacy, fisheries and aquaculture technology, archeology and finally dentistry and artificial intelligence. This has been carried out by applying state-of-the-art technological methods in the above fields.
AASTMT has adhered to its strategy in qualifying Arab and African calibers who can become future leaders and progressive entrepreneurs in their home countries. In so doing, it has relied on building bridges of collaboration and establishing strong ties with top universities and research centers worldwide, thus enabling these distinguished calibers to become the best ambassadors for AASTMT.   

Furthermore, AASTMT has always been a pioneer in obtaining quality certification for education and training in the headquarters country (Arab Republic of Egypt). It has transcended from being a regional organization to acquiring international status through obtaining international accreditation from top international entities in various specializations. 

AASTMT leadership strongly believes that science is the key to the future and the cornerstone for nations’ progress and prosperity. It is the primary factor for human achievements throughout all ages. AASTMT has a host of qualified professors and experts who are capable of supporting Arab and African countries by providing consultation and conducting research in various scientific fields. 

AASTMT has expanded inside and outside Egypt by establishing headquarters and branches in Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Port Said, Latakia (Syrian Arab Republic), in addition to its new branch in Sharjah, UAE. Taking the lead in development and seeking natural expansion, AASTMT has headed west and opened its latest branch in New Alamein City. 

Through its unfaltering efforts, AASTMT contributes to economic and social development in the Arab region by providing pioneering leaders who are equipped with innovative academic programs and modern education and learning methods taught by qualified staff at centers of excellence in scientific research, training and consultation that apply utmost quality standards in conformity with the requirements of the modern labor market. Teaching methods rely on state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee effective and facilitated learning in all curricula.

AASTMT brings together both staff and students from all over the world. They gather and interact within the same campus. This cultural exchange enhances students’ mental maturity. Given the vast technological progress in today’s world, AASTMT provides a healthy atmosphere for creation and innovation and a perfect learning environment for futuristic thinking, academic motivation, as well as cultural enrichment and promoting scientific research.  

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude in tribute for all those who contributed to the success of AASTMT since its establishment until the present day, the pioneers who paved the way modestly and selflessly for the present generation. Thanks are also due to all administrative and academic AASTMT staff whose fruitful efforts shape a bright future for our beloved academy. Finally, my best wishes for success and prosperity for all AASTMT current and future students, as well as graduates, for whom AASTMT has created a better future. 

Prof. Ismail AbdelGhafar Ismail Farag
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport