Master of Quality, Logistics and Leadership

Management (MQM)

The Productivity and Quality Institute (PQI) provides excellent opportunities for students who wish to attain a Master degree in Quality Management (MQM). As a House of Quality, PQI offers - through its accredited program (accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities) - a number of courses, which provide state of the art knowledge in quality management and productivity improvement to both manufacturing and service sectors. The MQM program is taught by a number of experienced staff who excels professionally and academically in bridging the gap between theory and practice due to their long life experience in teaching as well as their participation in offering consultancy services to local and regional markets. Until today the MQM program has graduated more than 2000 students from Egypt and the Arab region yet continues to strive with all interested parties for more opportunities to disseminate a culture of excellence in Egypt and the whole Arab region.

Dr. Mohamed Abd Raboumh
PQI Dean

Master in International Transport & Logistics

The program aims to qualify candidates and provide them with the required knowledge and expertise regarding all transport operations, logistics, and global supply chain management, from the various administrative, economic, legal, and technical perspectives through state-of-the-art practical and scientific methods thus qualifying them to manage transport logistics efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Sara Elzarka

Executive Masters in Leadership

Executive Master in Leadership is a cutting-edge program designed to equip leaders across industries to address critical issues facing business and society. The master program equip graduates and professionals from any discipline or business field to become decision makers, innovative problem solvers, responsible social citizens, and future leaders. The master program provides knowledge and skills in the area of leadership. It is tailored to include further specialization in:
(1) Educational Leadership
(2) Innovation in the Public Sector (Public Policy Innovation)
(3) Business Leadership and Strategies.
The master program can help take your career to the next level. Common careers after earning the certificate include executive, entrepreneur, director, manager, and industry leader in all types of business, government, and service organizations. Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:
- Define personal leadership strengths and opportunities
- Analyze leadership impact on various organizations
- Identify competencies that contribute to leadership success
- Evaluate and synthesize evidence to inform decision making
- Create opportunities and novel solutions to organizational challenges
- Work effectively with others to resolve challenges
- Incorporate the influence of a changing global environment
- Model ethical behavior and master principled decisions

Dr. Hanan Gouda
Dean of Arab Institute for Leadership Development