Research Projects

Urban Studies Foundation

Gender Equity in Cities of the MENA Region


PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area)

Med Foos TTHubs


ENI (European Neighborhood Instrument) CBC (Cross-Border Cooperation) MED



Erasmus Plus Key action two KA2:

Euro-African Network of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Innovation / INSTART

Strengthening Capacities of South-Mediterranean Higher Education Institutions in the Field of Solar Energy by Enhancing Links among Applied Research, Business, and Education (MEDSOL)

High Level Renewable and Energy Efficiency Master Courses (HEBA)

Wind Engineering Skills in Egypt and Tunisia (WESET)

Climate Change Management Through Mitigation And Adaptation (AdapTM)

Knowledge exchange in sustainable Fisheries management and Aquaculture in the Mediterranean region (FishAqu)

INtegration of sustainable deVelOpment goaLs inuniVErsities for better climate change management"INVOLVE"



An Innovative Solar powered Water Desalination System using fibre membranes (Solar-Water)


TEMPUS Projects:

Building Capacity for University Management in the ENPI South region

Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Education for Sustainable Development Beyond the campus

Mediterranean Innovation Alliance (MEDINNOALL)

Exchange Experience Bologne Faculty Science du Vivant EG

Highway and Traffic Engineering: Curricular Reform for Mediterranean Area

Excellence in Nano Science Education for the MENA Region (XNEM)

Sustainable Ways to Increase higher educatioN students'' equal access to learninG environments

Academic-Industry Partnership towards Development of Trainers and Educators for Technicians in Egypt

Advanced Engineering Systems: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

Clean Energy and Research in Environmental Studies (CERES)

Master of Engineering in Sound and Vibration


EG-KTAs: Egypt Knowledge and Technology Alliances

Innovation Cluster for Deepen Local Manufacturing Electronic Industry

Agro-Food Industries Alliance


EraAfrica Program

Development of a high-efficient power-generation from hybrid-fuel supplies


EU: Civil Protection Program

Preparedness for Oil-polluted Shoreline Cleanup and Oil Wildlife in¬terventions (POSOW)



Education Enhancement as Engine for Growth (EdG)

Empowering Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Development

Training based Employment


Research, Development & Innovation

Establishment of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaborative Office



Promoting Mediterranean Dairy Products



EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Cooperation on Research & Training in Sun based Renewable Energies