Multimedia and Graphics Program.

  • Computing & Information Technology |
  • English

Program Description

Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
BA101 Calculus 1 None
BA113 Physics None
CS111 Introduction to Computers None
IS171 Introduction to Information systems None
LH135 English for Specific Purposes I (ESP I) None of LH130*
NC172 Fundamentals of Business None
BA003 Math 0 None
Code Title Prequisites
BA201 Calculus III BA102
BA203 Probability and Statistics BA102
BA216 Advanced Physics BA113
CE216 Digital Logic Design CS111
CS202 Discrete Structures CS111
CS243 Object Oriented Programming CS143
Code Title Prequisites
CS322 Operating Systems CS212, CE243
CS366 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS212, CS202
CS443 Game Programming CS243, CS352
CS451 Human Computer Interaction SE291
GM324 3D Modeling GM311
Code Title Prequisites
CS455 Digital Image Processing CS212, BA201
GM323 Digital Lighting and Rendering GM324
GM413 Project I GPA=2 & 96CR or more
Code Title Prequisites
CS421 Computer System Security CS322, CE231
GM411 Computer Animation GM323
GM423 Project II GM413

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