Vision, Mission & Objectives

CITL Vision

To strengthen our leading position according to international standards in the Arab world and Africa as a house of expertise in the field of international transport and logistics



CITL Mission

*Offering exceptional undergraduate education and academic research opportunities in the field of  logistics to students seeking a unique learning experience using the latest technology.

*Providing graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to their society.

*Integrating industry with academia aiming at developing the regional logistics community.



CITL Objectives

*Achieving   an  outstanding   level   of  learning  and  training  in  the field of  ternational  transport  and  logistics  preparing  our  graduates  to  copeand  contribute  to  these  lds.
*Development    of  research   capabilities  and   skills of  faculty  members  and  students.
*Help students   live    an   enjoyable   undergraduate   experience  at AASTMT and CITL.
*Strengthen  the  partnership  with  societal  orgainzations,  business community and    industrial   associations   domestically,   regionally and internationally.
*Extend   international  cooperation   in research, education and professional training.



CITL Values
   To be  the  “1st CHOICE”
1    One Team/  One Goal
C    Continuous Improvement
H    Human Capital Development
O    Originality
I    Integrity
C    Creativity & Innovation
E    Excellent Performance