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Students success in publishing a paper as a remarkable achievement of their distinctive project

  • APR 30, 2024
  • Smart Village
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We are delighted to celebrate the remarkable achievement of our students in their project titled "AI-based Image Forgery Detection System" and the subsequent publication of their paper in the prestigious scientific journal, "Natural Science." This momentous occasion calls for heartfelt congratulations to the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Karim, along with the invaluable support of Dr. Manar Hafez and Dr. Alia Amer, we commend the exceptional talents of Mamdouh Mohamed Mahmoud, Youssef Hisham Nabil, Mahmoud Mohamed Abdulalim, and Gedan Sadiq Ali in this field. As they continue their journey, we extend our sincere wishes for even greater success and brilliance in their future endeavors.