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Cooperation between the Entrepreneurship Center and the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Authority (MSME)

A joint memorandum of Understanding aimed at supporting projects in the entrepreneurship sector during the coming years between the Entrepreneurship Center at the academy and the authority for the development of medium, small and micro enterprises

The cooperation aims to discover the skills of students, develop their abilities, spread the culture of entrepreneurship, self-employment, qualify graduates and students of the university to establish and manage their projects successfully, as well as adopt innovative and creative ideas among young people, and encourage them to create new job opportunities for them; meet the needs of the current labor market, through the performance of a number of activities represented in the establishment of training courses, exhibitions, forums; for the development of entrepreneurial skills, workshops for innovation and creativity.
Encouraging young people to implement small projects based on innovative new ideas capable of competition organizing events that contribute to raising the capabilities of university students in the field of entrepreneurship, and empowering young people for self-employment; in implementation of the state's directives, and to achieve the goals of sustainable development.