The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 - SDG9

Goal 9: Build Resilient Infrastructure, Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization and Foster Innovation
AASTMT seeks through its Entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry support policy to support its various entities to invest in its students, professors and researchers linking them to the market needs with the aim of creating quality jobs that contribute to sustainable economic development in the Arab region and Egypt. This policy applies to all academic and non-academic staff employed by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport including all faculties, divisions and departments. The geographical coverage of the policy covers all AASTMT campuses in Egypt and the Arab region.

Services of AAST Entrepreneurship Center& Other AAST’ Entities Support SDG9
-The sector focused incubators at AAST EC, considered the first of its kind in the region that aims at building and connecting entrepreneurial ecosystems in the leading economic sectors and industries, in specific the supply chain and logistic incubator, MashreQ tourism incubator, and MASAR Agribusiness incubator.
- AAST has launched / established “AAST Startups School”,a specialized academy to support startups.
-Specialized programs directed to students and fresh graduates (AAST Youth incubator).
-The biggest national and regional entrepreneurship competition (Rally competition).
-AAST established The Regional Informatics Center (RIC) to help in promoting the minds and talents of the AAST student & in the development of Informatics and Robotics worldwide.
-The college of Artificial intelligence at AAST – Almeen founded in 2019, with its state of arts labs, supports not only AAST students but the local community and industry.
-The Innovation Center at AAST Al Almeen Campus established in 2020 to operate as centre for technology transfer and enterprise creation, integrating the innovation labs and industry-based innovation (Research to Market) .
-Both the innovation center at Al Almeen and the college of AI aims at providing and linking research and development services, to serve the investment and development opportunities available in the city and its surroundings.
-Industry service complex (ISC) since it was establishment in 2004, serve the industry and fulfill its demands by facilitating the transfer of modern technology, offer consultancies, and support industry with advanced skilled and qualified technicians.
-The ISC offers high national diploma, a two year study program, in Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, that is accredited in 110 countries all over the world and provided training to more than 10000 young people.

AAST-Entrepreneurship Strategy matrix
 summaries different programs at AAST EC



Our Progress



Training and Ideation
1. YALLA STARTUP, Advanced Pre-Incubation Program, September, 2020
2. Pre-Incubation Training Sessions of the Supply Chain Incubator, August 2021
3. Business Ideation Bootcamp, October 2021
4. An Egyptian Team Won the FirstPlace as the best start-up project in a Competition Funded by the European Union - International Cluster ACT Matching Event With the participation of AASTMT, September, 2021
5. Create 48 - (The Ideation Training)
6. DAAD EGYPT @COSIMENA “Digital Winter School on Entrepreneurship” Program, March 2021



1.The Incubators Ecosystem -Falak Startups - USAID SSA project, June 2021
2. Co-operation, The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and Egyptian Ministry of Youth And Sports "Robotac" program , June 2020
3. Memorandum of Understanding, The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and The Egyptian Drug Authority , April 2021
4. Cooperation Agreement, The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and Assiut National Petroleum Industry Company , October 2020
5. Opening session of "Empowerment of Entrepreneurs" and "Establishing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises" Program , Jan 2021
6. Fwrun Startup - Supply Chain Program, September 2021
7. Blending BSO & Incubators Support, May 2021
8. Environment and entrepreneurship workshop in the presence of his excellency the Minister of the Environment and the head of the Academy , February, 2021
9. Honoring the Entrepreneurship Center At The closing ceremony of the World Entrepreneurship Week, March 2020
10. Agribusiness Incubator , Tanmia Wa Tatweer (TWT) Incubator , 2021 - 2022
11. Honoring The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport for being the educational partner in Biznexpo 2021 , December 2020
12. Rally Competitions For Entrepreneurship and Innovation




International Cooperation




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