AASTMT Innovation Center

AASTMT Innovation Center:

The main objective is to create a physical hub for innovation on the campus to support creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship:

  1. Promoting Multi-Disciplinary Learning
  2. Fostering Industry Partnership
  3. Driving Entrepreneurship


I- For our AAST students & Community:

Step by step support for Entrepreneurship & Innovation development integrating with academic studies

• Graduation Projects “Actualization” enhancing Innovation & Research & Development & Business Creation.

II- For other youth & community members:

Mentorship & Incubation of distinguished youth from other universities to use the center services

III- For Our Community development:

Support for official organizations & industries through offering solutions & consultancy

Physical Structure of Innovation Center:

It consists of 3 floors:

• Technology Center & Research Devices

• Innovation labs & Simulators

• Incubator & Execution area

1. Technology center and research devices

For the projects that needs high tech devices and big size devices, for example, engineering and pharmacy researches.

2. Innovation labs and simulators

For startups in the technology industry, as well as industry partners labs that are sponsored by them in cooperation with AAST.

3. Incubator and execution area

For Entrepreneurship center and meeting areas, also includes the consultancy services for the industry.

Main objectives for AAST:

1. To build on the current work to establish the level of demand and the gaps within the current regional innovation landscape to inform the models it should consider for an Innovation Centre

2. To determine priorities of the Innovation Centre:

• supporting academic staff and students to harness their interest in entrepreneurial opportunities and develop their entrepreneurship skills

• providing facilities, expertise and resources to assist the commercialization of AASTMT research through creation of spin outs, and incubation of new companies

• providing facilities to assist the commercialisation of research from the region with a focus to foster synergy with companies who want to access AASTMT research expertise

• securing rental or other income from tenants or from external parties accessing services and resources in the Centre

• acting as vehicle for creating new jobs and enhancing the knowledge driven economy in El Alamein/Alexandria and regionally.

3. To explore how critical/dependent the success of the Innovation Centre is on having a strong knowledge base (university) link, and what influence this will have on companies’ interest in co-locating to the Innovation Centre, e.g. value of access to cutting edge technological knowhow, access to highly skilled staff (incl. PGRs and graduates) and specialist facilities

4. To determine whether a viable business model can be established, including an analysis of viability, risks, and financial implications associated with setting up a Centre. The investment requirements should explore the external funding and/or investment that could be secured alongside potential AASTMT investment

5. To establish the recommended legal model and structure to set-up and operate the Innovation Centre (e.g. from within the University, as a wholly-owned subsidiary, or some other legal structure)

6. The Centre might seek to support both spin-outs from the University and innovative start-ups aligned with University’s strengths to facilitate collaboration and serve a wider regional agenda of attracting more high growth business to the area

7. To establish the nature and expertise of the internal support that will be required from internal units within the University such as the Research and Enterprise Office, Finance, Legal Services and Estates, and/or consider whether new forms or structures of support are required.