Vision and Mission


The branch should be distinct on a global level in all educational and research fields and should provide the best personnel to meet regional and international requirements.


The Academy aims to transform its Alamein branch into an educational medical center, which will gradually become a medical city in Alamein and Egypt as a whole. To add, it aims to cover all specialties in human medicine, physiotherapy, nursery, dentistry and pharmacy, in addition to other supporting specialties, which is offered in other colleges in fields related to medicine, such as:

The College of Tourism offers programs in the field of medical tourism.

The College of International Transport and Logistics adds medical logistics as part of its curriculum.

The College of Management and Technology offers a sub-specialty in hospital management.

The College of Engineering and Technology directs its departments to support medical aspects.

The College of Artificial Intelligence directs its studies to medical applications.

(Medical application)

Postgraduate studies in the College of Management directs its departments to support medical aspects.

The following initiatives shall be implemented in the upcoming period:

Continuous development of education curricula and training in accordance to technological developments.

Establish new and updated specializations to obtain proper accreditation for them.

Exchange visits with major international universities to learn about systems, the newest employed methods and educational content, regardless if these visits were short-term or long-term visits.

Participation of faculty members in advisory and practical work with organizations working in the market to increase their knowledge of market needs.

Strive to establish joint programs with distinguished international entities.



Graduate distinct personnel with competitive abilities to meet the requirements of the labor market, present studies, researches and consultations using the latest technologies and achieve international standards and accreditations.