11.2.3 Public access to museums

  • 11.2.3 Public access to museums

AASTMT provision of public access to museums, exhibition spaces, galleries and works of art and artefacts.

The AASTMT provides virtual tours for sustainable development in museums culture.

Public access to museums

Cultural and Social Activities

Arab Academy for science, Technology & Maritime Transport offers opportunities to teach students in different colleges on different kinds of arts and provides specialized materials and trainers in each field through technical workshops implemented by the Department of Cultural and Social Activity.

Cultural and Social Activities

ARCHEO living lab in Egypt

ARCHEO Living Lab is a part of the MED-QUAD project, in which AASTMT is running in partnership with six regional and European universities. The project focuses on applied research for cultural heritage exploitation and archaeological studies. AASTMT as the Egyptian partner has shared in the lab to serves as a platform for the production and utilization of digital technologies to provide new services to cities and citizens in the context of cultural heritage.

Welcome to the world of Archeo living labs, where the past comes alive, and history intertwines with modern technology. Archeo living labs are immersive environments that allow researchers, archaeologists, and history enthusiasts to step back in time and experience ancient civilizations firsthand. These labs provide a unique opportunity to explore archaeological sites, interact with artifacts, and engage in experimental archaeology to better understand our ancestors and their way of life.