11.4.6 "Pedestrian priority on campus

  • 11.4.6 "Pedestrian priority on campus

Prioritise Pedestrian Access on Campus

AASTMT considers the safety and convenience of pedestrians. AASTMT campuses follow the guidelines on prioritizing pedestrian access based on best practices and urban design principles. These guidelines are:

  • Sidewalk Connectivity and Accessibility
  • Safe Pedestrian Crossings
  • Pedestrian-Friendly Design
  • Separation from Vehicle Traffic
  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities.

The Transport Department of the Arab Academy offers a distinctive transportation service to transport our students and working on a fleet of bus with the latest technical means. All bus has free Wi-Fi service and all vehicles have GPS devices that make the service safer to locate and move all vehicles to ensure the safety of passengers during daily trips. Transport service covers all regions.

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