Port Training Institute

Training Program

Code Title duration
M02 Strategic Management Basics 25
M03 Supervisor Skills Development 50
M04 Middle Management Directors 50
M05 Director Skills Development 25
M06 Qualifying to General Manager Posts 50
M07 Supervisory Management Seminar for Middle Management 25
M08 Problems Solving and Decisions Making for Directors 15
M09 Development of Training Manager Skills 25
M11 Statistical Methods in Management using PC 50
M12 Transforming Innovative Ideas into Implemented Plans 25
M13 Work Stress Control 15
M14 Human Resources Management 50
M15 Marketing Management Skills 25
M16 Electronic Marketing 15
M17 Effective Negotiation Skills 25
M18 Effective Communication Skills 15
M19 Time Management Skills 15
M20 Drafting Systems, Administrative Orders and Regulations 25
M21 Job Analysis, Description and Assessment 25
M22 Procurement Management 40
M23 Public Relations 25
M24 Modern Office Systems 25
M25 Total Quality Management (TQM) 25
M26 Quality Systems Management ISO 9001 25
M27 Environment Management Standards ISO 14001 25
M28 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 18001 25
M29 Internal Auditing for Quality Systems 25
M30 Risk Management and Assessment 25
M31 Social Insurance 25
M32 Procedures for stores and Purchases 25
M33 Organize procurement Management and Warehouse and inventory control 25
M34 Crisis Management 40
M35 Strategic Planning to Cope With Crises 25
M36 Passive Resistance and Character Development 25
M37 Position Ethics and Disciplinary System 25
M38 Flexible OrganizationTowards Building a Distinct Organizational structures 25
M39 HR Regulation 40
M40 Develop the Performance of the Services Provided 25
M41 Dealing with Customer Complaints and Objections 25
M42 Paperwork Office and Electronic Drafting Reduce Skills 25
M43 Preparation of Administrative Personnel to Support Office Professional Leadership 25
M47 TOT 50
M48 The scientific Method of Administrative Writing, and Reporting 50
M50 Legal Affairs Specialist 50
M51 Excellence in the management of tenders and Preparing specifications and conclusion of contracts 50
M52 Presentation Skills, Presentation and Effective Delivery 50
M53 Modern Concepts in the Development and Simplification of Methods and Work Procedures 50
M54 Capacity Building Skills and Qualification of the Second line leadership 50
M55 Time Management and Work Stress Control 50
M56 The Management of Change 50
M57 Managing Stores and get Rid of Idle 50
M58 Conflict and Project Management 50
M59 Teamwork Management 50
M60 Modern Management Trends 50
M62 Integrated Program for Public Relations, Information and Protocol 50
M63 Economic Analysis 50
M64 Innovative Thinking, Diagnosis and Problem Solving 50
M65 Excellence in Service Performance 50
M66 Organization, Development and Simplification of Work Methods 50
M67 Legal Aspects for Creating Contracts 50
M68 Executive Secretary 50
M69 Corruption in the Units and Organs of the State and Ways to Combat Them 50
M70 Integrated Skills in International Procurement 50
M71 Modern Models in the Preparation of Organizational Structures 50
M72 Identify the Training needs of Non-Employees in the Training Department 50
M73 Manpower Planning and Analysis Strategies, Characterization and Evaluation 50
M74 Measurement and Analysis for Return of Training 50
M75 Designing Training Programs and Preparing Training Plans 50
M76 Time Management and Confidentiality of Data Saving 50
M77 Development of Women in the Management of Small Projects 50
M78 Development of managerial skills and capabilities 50
M79 Develop the role of Women in the Field of Volunteer Work 50
M80 Developing the Skills of Storekeepers 50
M81 Advanced Training Course for Trainers 50
M82 Behavior and Duties of Workers and Prohibited Work 50
M83 Six Sigma 50
M86 Leadership Skills and Decision-Making Strategy 50
M87 Skills of Art of Dealing and Effective Communications 50
M88 Feasibility Study And Project Evaluation 15

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