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Lean Manufacturing (LM) Consultancy Service.

Consultancy Service|Lean Manufacturing (LM).

Lean manufacturing (LM) is considered the manufacturing philosophy that if adopted and carefully implemented can undoubtedly form the roadmap to global manufacturing excellence. Lean Manufacturing (LM) is introduced with a particular emphasis on the identification and elimination of all forms of waste from the production system.

Hence, the definition of lean is associated with the practice of discerning the value added activities from non-value added activities (waste).Lean Manufacturing (LM) is viewed from two perspectives, philosophical and practical.

Lean Manufacturing (LM) is viewed as an overall organizational philosophy that should affect the people way of thinking and behaving and drives the guiding principles and the overarching goals of lean. On the other hand, the practical perspective sees Lean Manufacturing (LM) as a set of management practices, tools and techniques that are used to apply the philosophy and to achieve the goals.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing:

  • Applying LM helps organizations to identify bottlenecks and uncover hidden problems. Thus, it will be able to remove different types of waste from the production flow and enhancing the value that customers pay for.

  • Lean Manufacturing attacks common causes of variation inherent in the system itself. So, it helps to improve production flow, increase productivity and flexibility, and reduce manufacturing times.

  • Lean Manufacturing allows organizations to manufacture a larger variety of products at lower costs and higher quality with less of every input compared to traditional mass production.

  • Improving quality and productivity and reducing lead time will assist organization to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Achieving above benefits will lead to enhancing companies’ competitiveness and increasing their profitability.

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