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Food Safety Quality Management Track

Food Safety Master Quality Management Track


The program is aimed at professionals working in and supporting the supply of safe and wholesome food to consumers who want to deepen their technical and managerial knowledge of the industries they are engaged. The program will enable you to gain employment in the food industry and will support career progression.

You will consolidate your knowledge of the causal agents of foodborne illness and the control measures that need to be applied to ensure that food and feed are safe and wholesome. Delegates will study safety and quality management systems based upon the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) following the 'farm to fork' approach.

Delegates will also study the role of national food control systems, food law and enforcement in the context of national and international standards and the promotion of international trade. In addition, delegates will investigate the safety and quality issues of a wide range of commodities and manufactured foods.

Program objectives:
  • Provide students with strategies and abilities needed to carry out research in food safety in both public and private business.
  • Expose students to the latest advances in theoretical knowledge and their possible applications to the improvement of product quality.
  • Teach the foundations of food company management, including both technical topics and business and market management topics.
  • Help delegates to understand the whole food safety measures, country’s specific regulations and the food safety management methodology integrating the needs of.
  • Enable delegates to plan, organize, and execute effective audits against national and international standards.
Specialized Courses
  • Food Safety Fundamentals and Principles.
  • Principles of quality management.
  • Food Safety Technologies and Inception.
  • Advanced Topics in Food Safety Risk Management.
  • Food Laws and Legislations.
  • Auditing and Assessing Food Safety Management Systems.
Targeted candidates
    - This program is targeting individuals working in the field of food safety such as food safety officers, food safety specialists or food safety professionals, individual who work In food distribution chain and food industry.
Program Duration
    - The program consists of 48 credit hours spread over a minimum of 4 semesters (2 academic year).